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Football Withdrawal **Freebie!**

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enjoying a 3 day weekend like me, or if you are super lucky, winter break!  With that being said, Sundays feel so empty lately.  Are you missing football season as much as I am?  Even though my Steelers were a bit off this year (putting it nicely) I still long for those fun and exciting Sunday afternoons.  Well if you need a little more football in your life, this freebie is for you.  My students enjoyed some football themed measuring fun during our math rotations this past month.  They were able to use these football measuring sticks to figure out the height and length of various football themed pictures.  This activity can be adapted for many grade levels by changing it from a non-standard measuring center to standard measurement practice by using rulers.  I hope you enjoy it and it helps tide you over until pre-season begins in 6 months.

                                          ****Click the picture****

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