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Tracking Reading Levels

Happy Friday!
      I hope you all had an amazing week!  We had a three day week due to Presidents' Day and a teacher work day on Tuesday, so my week was awesome :)  In our classroom we chose to update assessments this week and it went so well.  I am so impressed with how far some of our little kindergarten munchkins have come.  I know as teachers we track student progress in a million ways, but I love seeing the different ways that students can track their own progress.  We have a beach scene set up for students to show off their reading levels and to give them a visual of where they need to be by the end of the year.
  I am happy to say that after assessing this week a lot of our kids moved up a reading level, and they just love seeing their names climb up the wall.  How do you showcase your student's reading levels?  I have seen a lot of really cute ideas around our building.  Did you notice the pool?  The kids love sitting back, relaxing and independent reading in there.   I know I love reading in comfy spots and I love creating that same feeling for my students.  We had really cute pool inflatables in there from the dollar store, but they only lasted half of the year haha.  Oh, kindergarten.
  I am off to find a comfy spot to relax and I hope you find many peaceful moments this weekend.

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