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Soapy Sight Word Fun

I am totally in love with word work this year!  I have always enjoyed it, but this year I am trying extra hard to make every day totally hands-on and loads of fun.  One activity that my students and I love is creating our sight words in shaving cream!  It is super fun, the kids get a ton of kinesthetic practice with their sight words and our desks look sparkling clean afterwords.

Just a few tips before your begin:
- Use unscented shaving cream, unless you want your room to smell like a men's locker room for a week.
- Have students roll up their sleeves, they will get messy :)  Good thing it is just soap and it will come right off, and usually fades by the end of the day.
- When finished, have students rub the shaving cream around until it disappears and then use baby wipes to clean off any residue.

        I usually start by prompting the kids with phrases similar to "write a sight word that starts with an L and rhymes with bike" or "write be, now erase the b and make it an m, what word do you have now?"  You can make up any fun riddles that you would like.  I also like to have them race to write the entire word wall from A to Z and write and share their favorite words with their friends.  The kids love getting messy and playing with their words, and so do I!

What is your favorite word work activity?

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