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Pom Pom Power! Having fuzzy fun in math centers! **Fun Freebie**

What math manipulative is colorful, quiet, cheap, easy to clean up and oodles of fun?  Pom Poms!  I love working with pom poms, whether it is for a fun craft or a quick game, they are the perfect tool.  My love of pom poms was quickly shared by my students when I introduced them to pom poms in their math centers.   This inspired me to create my 12 Pom Pom Math Centers and this FREE extra decomposing math center using those fuzzy little friends.

You can use pom poms to teach several different math topics.  My students have used them for number sense, shapes, sorting, patterns, addition and subtraction, measurement and so much more!

These centers are so easy to set up and take down that it makes prepping math centers a breeze.  And with all of the teaching options, from beginner to advanced, they come in handy throughout the school year.

This FREE decomposing with pom poms math center is not included in my original pack.  I created it for my friends here at Keeping it Cool at School so that you can see just how fun, easy and effective working with pom poms can be.

Download this FREEBIE here:  FREE Decomposing Numbers Pom Pom Math Center   and be sure to let me know how much you and your students enjoy the fun and festive feel that pom poms bring to your classroom.


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  2. I have been looking for something like this. My kindergarteners will have fun with this thanks.