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Falling in love with Valentines Day

I absolutely love celebrating Valentines Day in the classroom, it is such a great time for students to show how much they care for one another.  I love all of the handwritten cards and sweet treats, it is such a happy time :)  One of my favorite parts about Valentines Day is candy conversation hearts!  My husband thinks they taste like Tums, but I just LOVE them!
I love these cute little treats because they are yummy and fun, a perfect combo.  They are also a great seasonal tool to use in the classroom, making for a perfect math manipulative!  I created this Valentines Day numbers FREEBIE which is a great review for this time of year and students can also use conversation hearts to help them complete the pages.


I give each student their own little box of conversation hearts to use, they get so excited to complete their math work when they know these little treats are involved.  This FREE numbers pack has practice pages with numbers up to 20.  Having these sweet little counters makes it easy for students to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Grab this little freebie by clicking on any of the pictures above or by clicking here: 
                         Valentines Day Numbers FREEBIE!

If you are looking for more hands-on ways to use candy conversation hearts in your classroom, check out these fun resources!



Have a wonderfully sweet Valentines Day!

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